What stops you from being your new You?

“The Bridge To Your Self”

“What stops you from being your new YOU” – Unlocking your childhood memories

In this exclusive one day program we’ll be working one on one removing the layers of limiting beliefs that you’ve been carrying around since childhood. You’ll be amazed at what is released in a short time. The insights you’ll gain will put you on the right path to the life you’ve always wanted.
Alfred Adler detected this method in the 1910s and used them very effectively. He used only one memory to find out about your limiting beliefs and developed solutions together with the person to overcome these old obstacles. During the last century since his brilliant invention many practitioners made lots of changes and searched for more and more memories. Finally it revealed that – as Adler said – only one memory is necessary and helpful to obtain life-changing results.
One example how much impact these childhood memories have on a personal life: Once upon a time there lived a little girl on a big farm. One morning at breakfast she asked her Mom and Dad, where the little chicks come from. The parents had lots and lots to do and told the girl to ask again at dinner. And off they went to work on their farm. The girl felt very unhappy and filled with curiosity. So she went into the hen house. The hens were not pleased with the visit, but finally they calmed down as the girl sat down in the most distant corner and remained silent. She sat there watching. Taking in, what she saw. And when she thought, she knew enough, she ran out in a rush and cried all over the courtyard of the farm: “Mummy, Daddy, I know how it works and where the chicks are coming from.” Ignoring the darkness and the blue light of the police cars. Her Mom took her into her arms, delighted to have her back, and the girl told her everything she had seen. It turned out, that this girl stayed in the hen house all day, and at dinner she was missed. The family searched for her, but couldn’t find her and called the police.
Curious? Want to know the name of the girl? I tell you: Jane Goodall. The woman who closely observed the chimps in Africa and wrote studies and books about what she saw. Now you understand, how intense these childhood memories work on you and your life.
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