“The Bridge To Your Self”

Vita|Profile: Christa Nehls

1975: Large rooms filled with loudly rumbling, humming and heated cabinets. This was called the “data center”. Data were entered and programs were coded, punch cards were batched in card sorters, sorted and imported again. This was my first impression of IT. Only 8 years later monitors and networks were daily life, still a bit privileged – I worked in space sciences.
For 28 years I stayed in the IT industry, very different jobs, e.g. medical record engineer, programmer, customer service agent, IT consultant, SAP consultant, sales trainer, trainer for teams that were integrated from other business cultures or were separated from the used one. The industries were very different, too. Hospitals and medical research, space research, nuclear technology, book trade, doctor’s practices, hardware suppliers, producing medium-sized businesses and corporate groups, service industry, trade.
Every new customer gave me the chance to learn something new and to grow.
Extensive new projects often touched both business and work processes. So I tried to learn about the company, understand the organisation, understand what is important and critical, then develop a concept. This always was and still is my way of quality assurance – and my customers like(d) this approach.
The way to approach new projects always asked for and also delivered new perspectives and views. This helped me to develop a flexible and creative way of thinking, which I appreciate very much, and also my customers. I like working in teams with clearly defined tasks, and I also like being responsible and a “lone fighter” in a project.
My experiences from my workers council days, which lasted for more than 10 years in the 1990ties, still are beneficial for my work (just continue breathing, please!). The training as an IP counselor (incl. diploma) at the Adler-Schoenaker-Institut is a perfect addition to my IT background.
2002 Entrepreneurship
I personally think that constant learning and intellectual mobility are the most important factors for a successful job. Between us: my experience shows that IT business contacts, projects, and consultancy build the “smaller” part of my success, much more important are empathy and … listening!
So here we are: 20 years of Coaching experience, 30 years of IT experience and … more.