More than Words

“The Bridge To Your Self”

“More than words” – How to understand the secret language spoken by men and women

You are not a person designed for seminars, sharing your most inner life with other people, people you do not know and you do not want to know. You are a person who expects individual treatment. You are a person who needs a very personal and intimate atmosphere to learn. You achieve good results when you are in a single coaching. So this is for you:
✓ Understand communication even better, so that you communicate very efficiently with other people ✓ Learn about the behavior of men and women in detail and adapt the insights individually, so that your increased knowledge can be put into a new context ✓ Ask questions in detail as you need and have the full attention of the trainer, so that you move ahead at your own pace ✓ Stop old attitudes and communicational behavior, so that your life is even more successful ✓ Gain more self confidence and self esteem without laying your heart on the table before others, so that you are strong enough to attend seminars without hesitation or fear
You want to know more about me? Please feel free to contact me via mail Christa Nehls Leave me your phone number plus a time and I call you back as soon as possible.
This individual program lasts for 3 months. We will define your needs and chart our course together. We will get 1:1 sessions of 45 minutes every week. It is your choice after two onsite sessions to proceed via Internet connections. We’ll check in regularly as you proceed to the changes you really want.