More than Words

“The Bridge To Your Self”

More than words – how to understand the secret language spoken by men and women

You are a thriving small to medium sized business with a need to increase the cooperation across your teams to reach your business objectives in 2014. Your business and your productivity depend upon your teams stepping into their roles in a much bigger way.  One of the complications that you see, is that the men and women on your teams communicate differently, and because of this, there are frequent miscommunications.  You need the latest strategies to bring your teams together in a harmonious way. Welcome, you have found THE ultimate place for your desired results Christa Nehls .
In daily life you experience some more challenges regarding men and women working together. You see some inefficiency because the different sexes work in different ways, so that the results are not as satisfying as you like them to be. They often are not in time as you need them, so that you loose money in your business. You want and need change.
I know how to make this happen for your business. During the last 7 years I have worked with top companies to help bridge the communication gap that exists within teams of the opposite sex. The results include a decrease in misunderstanding across the team, an increase in their productivity, an increased employee morale, improved profitability due to better decision making at every level, etc. And I guided them softly and smoothly to the CI of their new employer. The success and response was overwhelming after each seminar and every personal coaching.
My skills were boned through personal experience. By watching how people communicate I detected and identified patterns and habits and know how to deal with them, so that the following results showed up:
✓ The productivity of the employees increases, so that team work leads to even more profitability and you reach your new goals for 2014. ✓ The communication between the women and men on your teams becomes quicker, smoother and more efficient, so that you can spend less time smoothing out the problems, and more time watching them create results. ✓ The revenues move up, so that your ROI get higher soon. ✓ You move seamlessly through your daily life by understanding how your communication style and energy persuade the opposite sex to take action on your ideas and requests. ✓ Increase your harmony with members of the opposite sex in your private life, so that you enjoy more productivity on your job.
You are on your way to increase the abilities and capabilities of communication between men and women. And those are the results you can expect to make your company more profitable this year.

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