Mission and vision

“The Bridge To Your Self”

„The longest and most difficult way in ourselves is bridging the distance between brain and heart.” (Christa Nehls, 2001)
We are experts in creating tailored communication seminars, which we prepare thoroughly with the company management placing the order. So we develop a seminar which fits exactly for the company and teach the prepared contents. Due to working closely together and in mutual agreement with our customer regarding the necessary goals success of learning is granted for all seminars.
The participants learn and understand to communicate in respect to the corporate identity of their company – internally and externally. So we improve human interaction, which contributes to the company success with its easiness.
Another expertise of our company is knowledge management. We give support to develop a structured, well planned and organized seminar platform to distribute internal knowhow.
Our experience is the integration, the collaboration, the synergetic approach and the sustainability of all learning and experience. So we are very close to the seminar participants. We support their process of learning every minute using our broad and intensive (life) experience and our knowledge about processes and structures in companies of all sizes.
CN Counseling acts on the maxim: „Actions speak louder than words.“ (trade marked in Germany). With empathy and heart we motivate and inspire our participants to act. Action becomes habit, and habit is sustainability.“