Leadership development for the future female executive

“The Bridge To Your Self”

“Becoming a successful, inspiring team leader – Leadership development for the future female executive”

Today‘s demographical data shows the urgent need to have more women in leading positions in modern companies. And you’ve already decided to develop the women in your enterprise for these positions. But up to now you were not sure, where to find the right support for these developments. Stop searching. You have found me Christa Nehls
I have been working in IT industry for almost 30 years and I saw and experienced the challenges and obstacles, women face each and every day. Watching and transforming what I saw and heard, made me create my L.I.S.A.-method. This entire knowledge directed me to the only valid solution for me, becoming a business coach and trainer for communication AND focus on women.
✓ You increase their promotion by understanding the female and male communication dynamics on the job, so that changes become visible. ✓ Get in line with 2014 demands, so that your company attracts the top female talents available on the market. ✓ Develop the 2014 style, so that your company inspires your teams to produce what you want, resulting in increased revenue growth. ✓ The atmosphere for your employees is of light and ease, so that you create an enjoyable company atmosphere that will result in dedicated, loyal employees.
This program is targeted to females (28 – 38) in middle management on their way to executive management.
Do you need to know more? Contact me today by mail via this link: Leadership for women – Information Leave me your name and your number plus a perfect time to talk, and I call you back as soon as possible.
This 3-day seminar includes up to 8 of your top executives to attend for extraordinary results.
Special BONUS: onsite 10 minutes rapid results 1:1 coaching of all participants, post seminar individual appraisals and forecasts for each participant provided to the team leader, so that you can continue the results of the outcome of the seminar.