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“The Bridge To Your Self”

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“Apart from the fact that the “chemistry” between us was perfect, I experienced an honest, positive, absolute, and perceptible humanity that gives me unquestionable confidence and hope.”

Anonymus, International Sales Coordinator, Media

“Christa is an open and honest individual and is highly capable of understanding and accepting other people’s feelings and opinions. Our conversations were always very personal and open. Christa is a pleasant and direct dialog partner with a sympathetic ear for my sorrows and problems, and she very well knows how to motivate and encourage me to get ready for new challenges …”

Philipp Bäker, Consultant, Utilities

“Christa is a unique psychologist*. On one hand she is affected by many years of experience in the IT industry, on the other hand by highly empathic capabilities. This mixture offers her a broad field of activities. I got to know Christa as a psychologist with an extraordinary skill set. By her extensive experience in the industry, her empathy for people, and her own authenticity Christa is capable to support managers and leaders to recognize their own fear and weakness and transform this into strength and confidence. Regardless position or class, Christa gives everybody the space they need to talk about their problems and reflect about their problems. She is one of the few individuals that just “releases an impulse”, and the client himself finds the way out of a difficult situation. This means she is a top consultant. Christa listens, she just accepts people the way they are. She trusts people, and encourages and empowers them to get to know themselves.”

Iljane Weidling-Koch, CFO / Controlling

*This is the original quote. My official job title is: Individualpsychological Counselor

“I appreciate the collaboration with Christa very much. She does know what is important e.g. for an employee’s training and makes a proposal how to do put this into real life. Her personality and humanity opens the minds and the hearts of the participants. So she creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere and achieves outstanding results.”

Margrit Schüler, Geschäftsführerin, smart utility consulting GmbH

“You have so much power, and it is so feminine and full of love.”

Marianne Steele, 02.09.2014

Some selected comments from coaching and training sessions

“I finally feel accepted and valued.”

“Clarity and simplicity in my life, something really new …”

“By working with you I did realize that I am on a new track now, there is no way back, nothing will be the same again.”

“You are an individual that looks into my eyes and understands my soul. And you put your finger on the right spot. Sometimes you are quite strenuous, unbelievably persistent, and extremely direct.”

“All of a sudden my problems are solved, simply because my mind is clear. I recognize my goals and pursue my goals.”

“It is quite obvious that your profession is your calling, you are with the people.”

“You’ve got that much energy, you could power a city.”

“I didn’t expect that we would even recognize the topic I need to work on in this first section. And now I’m leaving with a long list of action items. And I do have the potential to work on these action items, this is my way.”