Counselor – Definition

“The Bridge To Your Self”

In the Anglican world the term counselor describes my job* best:
“A counselor in mental health, psychotherapy or counseling is a licensed and professionally trained person who provides services for people who are in need.”
Coaching and Consulting are sections of counseling. You want to know more about coaching? Well, let me try to explain. Coaching means individual consulting, and accompanying the client/customer. There are no direct suggestions how to solve a problem, coaching supports self-reflection and self-perception – help for self-help.
A coach is a neutral dialogue partner with a variety of skills from different areas – psychology, business economics, consulting, personal development, management. The basis for a good collaboration between the coachee and the coach is always mutual acceptance and esteem. My empathetic skills help me to understand my customers – means you – very quickly. And of course to realize your requirements and needs! The quicker I understand the goals of my clients, the earlier our work starts, easy and efficient!

* You feel reminded of Counselor Deanna Troi from Star Trek. Yes, intriguing thought. To feel out people is my central and very special working tool. I definitely lack the ability of divination or read someones thoughts (sometimes a pity, most times fortunately).