About me

“The Bridge To Your Self”

Twelve years ago I decided to build my own company. I wanted to work from any place in the world, doing what I love and enjoy travelling. I am close, one meter from the finish line. But trust me, I am too curious to stop at the finish line.
After having reached all and everything in my job, I left the company 11 years ago. Computers were no longer my world, people became much more important, supporting them to overcome their obstacles and challenges, leaving their old inherited beliefs behind. My calling is to accompany them changing their lifes, finding a new way that fits them and lending a hand on this way.
My personal point to move into change was pain, pain out of the blue. No longer able to walk, stand, sit or lay down, my therapists promised me to sit in a wheeled chair soon. Never ever, I said. I found support and caring. I returned to life and I love high heels. You want to know why? They are the symbol, I walk on my own legs, I move forward, I am resilient AND I am a woman, who loves to dress like a woman, hats included.
And during this time I ultimately understood and experienced, that man and women use different languages. In order to get even better relationships with the opposite sex, theses languages have to be studied like any other language, e.g. German, English, Russian or sign language.
Learning is my passion, looking behind the mirror, understand the mysteries of this world. By the way, I speak German, English, French, some Italian, understand Dutch, Latin, a little bit of Russian and Sign language and I became an expert in the languages spoken by both genders.
How I did it? I studied the genders in their daily life. Oh no, not on an academic basis. Just in daily life, very pragmatic, empirical. I created a successful, reproducible method to facilitate and simplify the changes.
But the most important is my credo: “Actions speak louder than words.” You can go on dreaming, but your dream does not become true. This happens when you start to act. Your new life is alive.
I know what I am talking about. I had so many great challenges followed by deep changes in my life, I survived all and I became stronger each time.
So, this is my calling: support the genders to communicate even better and do it in daily life.
My dream is to bring more peace to this world. Lifting communication to a higher level brings these results: divorce rates decrease, company revenues increase and courage and hope raises.